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Cyber Flyer: Dinosaur

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Flipo’s all-new Cyber Flyers elevate and move “magically” with a simple wave of your hand. The flying Robot and Dino characters have LED eyes that flash and illuminate while two sets of rotors allow it to hover in mid-air. The Classic style Cyber Flyer illuminates in 4 vibrant colors. Cyber Flyers have IR sensors that can detect surfaces such as your hand – simply place your hand under the orb and the rotors will accelerate, causing it to fly up & away. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, Cyber Flyers also includes a mini-USB cable for easy charging. Available as either a baby blue robot, green dinosaur or classic ball-shaped. Cyber Flyers are intended for ages 8 and above, include smart auto-start, and can fly up to 7 minutes on a single charge. Dino measures 6" x 4.5", Robot measures 6” x 5” and Classic measures 5" x 5".