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Arts and Crafts Kit w/ Case

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Arts & Crafts Caddy! Unleash and spark your creativity with your very own DIY craft box! Excellent screen time alternative that kids will love! Explore the endless array of education supplies & craft supplies neatly quartered in your art caddy. Items are individually wrapped in a cello bag for added convenience. Superior quality and colorful variety make this your ideal classroom or home project kit. What's In The Box? Assorted Sequins, Assorted Pompoms, Alphabet Beads, Googly Eyes, Assorted Pony Beads, Assorted Buttons, Crystal Beads, Safety Scissor, Runny Glue, Sewing Needles, Glitter Glue, Stickers, Assorted Pipe Cleaners, Embroidery Floss, Wooden Discs, Fuzzy Sticks, Elastic String, Felt Sheets, Feathers, Popsicle Sticks, Idea book.