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Beginner Dinner Games

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  • HOW TO PLAY: Sit down to dinner, pick any card, read it aloud and begin the fun with Beginner Dinner Games. Each game takes just a few minutes. Best of all, it’s for the whole family.
  • EDUCATIONAL: Challenge the kids, parents, grandparents, and even friends! Learn critical thinking, social skills, numbers and math with these easy to play game cards.
  • CONVERSATION STARTER: These quick, easy-to-play games, like What’s in the Oven Mitt?, Family Favorites, and Rainbow Dinner break up the dinnertime routine and open up everyone to fun conversation.
  • OBJECTIVE: With so many different game cards, you can choose from a variety of categories including math and memory. Some of the cards will also give you another way to play for even more fun!
  • CONTENTS: Contains 51 fun and easy games to play while you eat. Made especially for families with kids (ages 3-6). The spill-proof game cards are durable and easy to clean.