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Herding Cats

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HERDING CATS: Felines are causing havoc! Race against your opponents to round up four-of-a-kind. But don’t let the cat out the bag! Bring fun, excitement and lightning reflexes to your next gathering with Herding Cats, the fast-paced card grabbing game. Great for children and adults alike, Herding Cats will have you and your friends competing to snatch cat cards from the table in a wild race to win! Only taking 2 minutes to learn, and 20 minutes to play, we guarantee this game will get you and your family meowing your heads off and scratching at cat cards in no time! The game contains 64 beautifully illustrated cat cards. Ages 6+, 4-12 Players, 20 Min. Who We Are: Clarendon Games is a London-based, independent publisher of quirky, light-hearted, and fun board and card games for all ages. It all began back in 2012, when founder Will Sorrell quit his job in product development to design board games. Confident that people were looking for different ways to entertain themselves, Will understood that board games bring people together and make them laugh. This is the backbone of every product Clarendon Games creates.