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Coneflower -100% Organic Grow Kit

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Introducing our Coneflower Kids Flower Pail, a captivating gardening kit tailored to ignite the curiosity and love for gardening in young minds by Buzzy Seeds! Each kit features a charming decorative painted metal pail, a packet of coneflower seeds, nutrient-rich growing medium, and easy-to-follow growing instructions. This kit serves as an exciting introduction to gardening for children, providing them with the tools and confidence to embark on their own botanical adventure. The whimsical pail adds a touch of magic to the experience, making it both enjoyable and educational for kids of all ages. With clear and straightforward growing instructions included, children can easily grasp the fundamentals of gardening while nurturing their own stunning coneflower blooms. Also, we have a Grow Guarantee. If your seeds don’t pop up or your seedlings don’t thrive, we’ll replace your seed packet for free. Because the most important thing to us is growing our relationship with you!