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Liquifly Water Rocket Car

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Ready, set, splash! This water powered Jet Car is ready to race at high speeds and perform tricks. Water and air are all it takes to propel this car. with different proportions giving different effects. It will have the whole family hypothesising and testing how to get those top speeds! Inside the box is your car, a pump and hosepipe, a ramp for tricks, and string that can run through the chassis (this can help keep the car anchored when you are going for those top speeds!).  It's just a race - it's also a maths experiment! Measure the distance and time to work out the speed of the car. All instructions are in the box! Get kids outside and learning fundamentals of STEM concepts with science and physics. Designed for ages 6+ * Speeds up to 12m/s * Simple to launch * Uses water * Quick set up * Water will spray; wear appropriate clothes