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Musical Instruments Bus

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● PUSH & PULL MUSIC BUS: This cute pastel music bus is the perfect toy to stimulate your little one during playtime. With its appealing colors and easy-to-grasp design, your toddler will love pushing and pulling this little bus all around the room. ● SORT THE SHAPES: This toy comes with seven uniquely shaped blocks, and each one fits into a matching hole on the side of the music bus. Your baby will make a game out of figuring out which block fits where, all while improving his fine motor skills. ● MY FIRST MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: The rainbow-colored xylophone on top of this baby toy comes with a rounded mallet, which lets your baby get an early start with her love for music. Watch her smile as she plays her own little tunes for the first time. ● ENCOURAGE EARLY LEARNING: Give your baby’s cognitive development a headstart with this music bus, which allows your baby to improve his auditory skills, shape and color recognition, problem solving skills, and fine motor skill development.