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First Gard Marigold&Tomato 100% Organic

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Introducing our Kids Windowsill Grow Kit featuring Tomato and Marigold, a fun and educational gardening experience for young green thumbs! Each kit includes 1 galvanized windowsill pail, 2 seed packets (Tomato & Marigold), 3 growing medium pellets, easy-to-follow growing instructions, and a delicious recipe to enjoy your harvest. This unique kit makes a fantastic gift for children, ideal for birthdays, party favors, baby showers, and other special events. Compact in size, these pots are designed to fit most indoor and outdoor spaces, making them suitable for any young gardener's growing adventures. Rest assured with our 100% natural seeds, guaranteed to grow. If your seeds don't sprout as expected, we'll replace them without hesitation, so you can embark on your gardening journey with confidence. Join us in nurturing pollinators and cultivating vibrant, biodiverse gardens for a greener tomorrow.