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Space Rocket Ship with Shuttle

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EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE: With this set of epic space toys for kids 3-5, you’ll get to live your dreams of going to space! Comes with 3 astronaut toys, 2 supply packs, a space shuttle, a space rover, a space scooter, and a satellite. ALL ABOARD THE SPACESHIP: Your astronauts are already suited up - they’ve been waiting for this moment! All you have to do is load them into the rocket ship and get ready for blastoff! RIDE THE LUNAR ROVER: Once you’ve landed on a new planet, it’s time to explore with the space rover. Pop open the windshield to put your astronauts inside, and let them drive all over. And for a solo expedition, use the space scooter to get around. DON’T FORGET YOUR RESEARCH! You can have your astronauts launch their satellite to collect information about the new planet. Don’t forget your supply packs, either - they attach to the backs of the astronauts’ suits!