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Speed Cube Set 5 Pack

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●THE RUBIK’S CUBE, BUT FASTER: With their redesigned internal mechanism, speed cubes are the Rubik’s cubes of champions. If you want to train yourself to have ultra-fast cognition and finger dexterity, this is the puzzle for you. ●SET OF 5 MAGIC CUBES: This set includes 5 speed cubes - one 3x3 cube, one 2x2 cube, a pyramid puzzle, a Megaminx, and a Skewb. Keep the challenge exciting as you level up from one puzzle to the next. ●BUILD YOUR STEM SKILLS: Aside from giving you bragging rights, solving a speed cube can help improve your memory, concentration, reflexes, problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and patience - and helps you impress all your friends. ●HIGH QUALITY: These speed cubes are designed to last, made from quality and durable plastic. Each twist is smooth and quick, with little resistance. Speedcubing competitions better watch out.