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Treasure Diver

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Just add water and play! Includes diver toy, container, diver retrieving tool, decorative gravel, color instructions, and 6 different treasures to retrieve: Shark’s Jaws, Pirate Sword, Cannon, Roman Jar, Anchor, and Titanic’s Ship Wheel. 

Squeeze the bottle and send the diver toy diving to retrieve the sunken treasures in this fun and challenging game! Squeezing the plastic container magically moves the diver toy up and down, opening its powerful retrieving claws to grab each treasure. Can you get them all? And how fast?

Keep the kids entertained with multiple Treasure Diver games to play! Play solo to practice perfecting your diving and retrieving skills, or challenge your friends and family to an exciting series of games. 

Combining the principles of physics and their real-life applications, Treasure Diver lays the foundation for young minds to excel at STEM. Treasure Diver is STEM Authenticated by the foremost STEM credentialing organization, STEM org.