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Wind-Resistant Waterproof Playing Cards

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HEAVIER TO STAY PUT IN A BREEZE- We designed these playing cards to solve an age old problem when a gust of wind blows your game off the table. Now play with confidence out doors, on the patio, by the pool, or at a bar when someone opens the door to let a blast of air in. Your favourite card game continues without interruption. Don't worry, they're still easily light enough to hold for hours!

DURABLE- Let's face it, classic playing cards are just too flimsy to last. We make these of tough, thick PVC that looks great, is flexible, easy to shuffle, and feels great in the hand. They are waterproof so spilled drinks, sloshed beer, or the unexpected downpour won't affect your deck. Simply dry the cards and keep playing.

CLASSIC RETRO DESIGN - These are traditional deep blue playing cards that look like your favourites enjoyed down through the ages. You will get lot of compliments from friends, family, and players . Everyone will say "why didn't they think of this before?"

GREAT GIFT - Our unique design makes this an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys card games and wants a deck of cards they can use anywhere, indoor or outdoor, that'll last them forever. Now, for the first time, enjoy cards under the trees, with nature, at the beach and lake, and with lots of fresh air. Great for camping, BBQs, parties, or simply enjoying a game of solitaire outside during your lunch hour at work.