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Rainbows & Unicorns CHARcuteRIE Set

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Showcase a magical array of delightful snacks with this colorful charcuterie set! Use the enchanting unicorn cutting board, child-safe knife and shaped cutters to create delightful food bites and then display your snacks on the unicorn board for a stunning presentation! The possibilities are endless when you use our colorful tools and recipes, perfect for easy snacking, appetizers, entertaining, or a magical meal, anytime!

Includes: 1 unicorn cutting board, 1 child-safe serrated knife, 2 silicone snack cups, 3 fruit/vegetable cutters, 8 fruit/vegetable picks and recipes.

Recipes include: Over the Rainbow CHARcuteRIE Board, Kaleidoscope Fruit Platter and Fluffy Cloud Fruit Dip.

** IMPORTANT: When using fruit/vegetable cutters, press down on food item to create shape; if food shape remains in cutter, use a toothpick through the back of cutter to gently nudge the food out. DO NOT USE FINGER TO REMOVE FOOD. Use with adult supervision.